Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All about Phototapper

Simple as ABC..

Create Project

Snap your wireframes or add blank page for drawing with the app

Link them up

Simulate and Share web link. Or share with App users

Let them comment on the browser with highlights. See this video..

Tap feedback icon in run mode to view the comments and highlights

Add feedback from inside the app and tap the green tick to submit!

Use markers to make the feedback more visual.


How do I exit run mode?

Double tap

How do I add comments inside the app?

Tap the comments icon in run mode enter comments and tap on Done button. Tap on the green tick at the bottom bar to submit the comment.

Why add page is disabled?

The page must be added with the same device type as the one it was initially created.

Where can I see the device type?

Project details page.

Can I disable image brightening?

Yes. From Settings page.

Why the web link does not ask for the passcode?

The passcode is disabled for a project by default. Enable it from the project details screen.

Why there is no add page button?

The projects are not editable if not created by you.

How can I delete pages?

Tap edit button in the pages screen. Select pages and delete.


  1. I would _love_ to have a "Duplicate Page" feature, or a similar function that lets me set up several similar pages quickly. Thanks for the app!

    1. Hi Henry, thanks for the comment. We will try to add that feature in the next version.