Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finally we made it!

Here is the story about paper prototyping app that we created for one feature we couldn't find in the market - An effective feedback loop!

We know that App Store is littered with prototyping apps. But none of them handled the feedback as we wanted it when we were actually building another app for a client.

We asked for very common things.. 
  1. No complex tool
  2. Should be able to build and run it in minutes
  3. We just sketch wireframes and an app should link them up, simulate and share.
Of course, it was already there. And we used it to build and share with our customers. But instead of  excitement we received silence. 

They were so late to give any comments, that we had to call them up all the time asking for feedback. 

Well, at least they got back to us. But then again we found damn too difficult to communicate when we actually wanted to visually talk about the screens that we were building. On top of that, there were  many concerns about security and privacy because of the open link.

Finally, we were absolutely convinced and clearly saw problems that we should be working on..

1. Missing feedback option in the web simulator
2. Need for a highlighter on the web.
3. Lack of security

We sat together, thought about it and here it is.. after 3 months of hard work. A complete and simplest way to build and prototype in just minutes with effective feedback facility with the use of markers on the web simulator.

Phototapper is now on the App Store

Simply build the prototype and share it with your customers

   Let them run it on the browser and comment on each page with markers if they want..

They can also download and run it on the device by just scanning the QR Code.

If you can hold a pencil, you can build prototype in minutes.
Share web link with passcode to your investors, colleagues or customers to try your app tappable on the browser. 
Get notified when they feedback with highlights and comments immediately, no phone calls, no e-mails! 

Simple as ABC

1. Draw on paper 
2. Use Phototapper to snap and link pages. 
3. Share web link with your clients. 
4. Get feedback with highlights and comments. 
5. Close the deal. 

Again, here are some highlights..

[+] In app comment and highlights 
[+] Accepts comments and highlights from clients directly on the web site! 
[+] Immediate notification on receiving feedback. 
[+] Acknowledgement when your client looks at your prototype for first time! (Configurable) 
[+] In app drawing (Configurable) 
[+] Web link protected with passcode (Configurable) 
[+] Automatically brighten camera image (Configurable) 
[+] Cross device editing support. 

Happy Prototyping!

The app is somewhat similar to POP - Prototype on paper, appgyver, appcooker etc., But we were very focused on what was essential for a quick prototyping and feedback.

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